VISION: When Russell was young, he envisioned a place where people would go. It was a blurry picture then, a place where people would experience art, entertainment, truth, recreation and acceptance.

Some of the vision has come to pass and God has used Russell Hobbs to change lives. In 1984 when he helped start the modern day Deep Ellum, his song was “Turn off your TV and Turn on to TG” (Theatre Gallery) encouraging people to write a song or paint, be an individual, the theme of the Theatre Gallery. In 1987, Russell was born again and it all came together. He realized he was trying to build a world of truth, beauty and art without God. When he met Jesus, he found out Jesus is building a Kingdom like that but He could actually get it done. Now his song is “be real, seek Truth and serve God.” After starting several clubs and being in the entertainment business for over 30 years he is still passionate about challenging this culture and providing places where people can inspire and be inspired.


“Bridging the Gap between the Sacred and the Secular”

The open door between the “separate” religious system and the “secular” world system.

“What? You have Christian bands and non-Christian bands in the same place?!!”

There is a great gulf in our society between the religious and the regular, the sacred and the secular. The Door bridges this gap by being “open” when people are out having fun or searching for a place to fit in. The Door bridges the gap by accepting artists and people of differing beliefs to search for truth together and enjoy this process called life. As people exchange ideas and beliefs the truth will eventually win out. The Door is a prototype for arts centers which will spring up all over the world.

Everybody needs The Door, Christians need it to be free from religious segregation, everybody else needs it to see a glimpse of the Truth.

Many people are upset that we have Christian and non-Christian bands play The Door. Some even think we should exclude non-Christian people and bands. We believe God is our example and since He allows Christians and non-Christians to live and breath on His earth, who are we to exclude anyone? “God rains on the just and the unjust” As The Door between the lost, sex crazed, greedy world and the traditional church we must become all things to all men so that we may by some means win a few. Therefore we will look, talk and conduct ourselves in a manner that will engage and compel the lost, but will certainly offend and cause panic among much of the household of faith. To the extent one abides in the creative and improvisational truth of the Holy Spirit, the greater one’s understanding becomes of The Door’s posture to the world. The more one holds to tradition, the way things have been done (the status quo of the Christian sub-culture), the more they will manifest the antagonistic, Pharisee spirit of misunderstanding and judgment. The mind set of the Body of Christ is always being realigned by the artistic and prophetic members. Twenty years ago a long haired man on a worship team was controversial, thirty years ago electric guitars in church were controversial, and 2,000 years ago, God in the flesh was controversial. People are finally realizing that a person with green hair and a nose-ring could be precious to God and, by some miracle, may be saved.

The world has heard Christians talk about Jesus and heaven and hell, but why should they follow Christians and submit to their teaching if the love that Jesus showed people is not being shown to them? We are called to display the love of God and allow people to be the unique flower God has created them to be. We are free to be individuals, not clones of some “super preacher” or even worse, a bad role model. We are committed to build a community of free thinkers and free artists, a place where people can see our lifestyle and we will show them “the more excellent way”. They, like the Queen of Sheba was impressed by Soloman’s Kingdom, will be impressed and believe that we know the God that we talk about. Let our works be a witness of the truth.


Disciples of The Door is where all kinds of tattooed, pierced, fringe people pray with “suits and hobos”. Most importantly, everyone is allowed to be part of the meeting. People all over the nation are saying that this art center is a prototype model church of the 21st century. These believers interact in the marketplace through concerts, theatre, special events, accepting people as they are so that they may see Christ through the arts and in real-life relationships.

To gather a community of people who want to give glory to God through the arts and a lifestyle so unique that people who encounter us will know that Jesus Christ is the artist who created this drama called life. United we will all become the loving, creative, accepting people we were destined to be. Sharing the same purpose, which is to prefer one another and help each other see each one’s dream manifest. God has given every person a unique dream that will change the world. The problem is our society keeps us slaves, separate and competitive, so we never realize the synergy available by Holy Spirit orchestration. This community physically operates through a concert hall, theatre, art gallery, recording studio, living spaces and open “church” meetings. The ultimate goal is to “send out” artists, musicians and modern-day teachers and prophets. This is the goal of “The Door”.

People are waiting and praying all over the land for a “door to open”, for what God wants them to do. People are always seeking and searching for God’s will. Many people are greatly gifted and inspired with vision burning in their hearts to do something for God. The problem is that our society has been departmentalized into mall, church, bars and movies. “The Door” is now open for free expression through the Body of Christ to manifest the truth, the love and the glory of God to the world. Actors, painters, prophets, teachers, musicians, sculptors, servants, technicians, every member of the Body of Christ has a desire to multiply their talents and fulfill their calling. The Door is open to provide a place for people to realize their gifts and callings to bless the Body of Christ and the world.

The Door is the “church” of the future. The Door is the church of the future in the same way Lilith Fair was the church of Liberal, Feminist idealology or the way that Woodstock was “the church” of a cultural revolution which questioned society’s belief systems. Everybody wants to know the truth about God and people are searching in many different ways. We all want to fit into something that we believe in that is greater than ourselves. The Door is the gathering place for artists, prophetic types, free-spirit believers and people that don’t fit in the traditional church, “The Door” for new people to come into the family of faith. People who can’t squeeze in on Sunday morning between 10 and 12 while a man in a robe they don’t know says, “stand up, sit down and give us your money,” will find their way through The Door. (This is the epitome of what God wants to change, however, there are some great churches.) Most Christians are in a four-walled-box raising their hands saying, “hallelujah” while the world doesn’t understand God because the Church appears contradictory while bound by tradition. Jesus stands with the people who don’t fit in to either the church or the world but are humble enough to ask why. Society is evolving and the traditional church can not stay up with change. The “church” of the future must meet people in the market place, in the arts and in their lifestyle. We are living in a media-driven society where public opinion is molded by the news, movies and rock stars. We must lead people to the light by being relevant in every realm. A man walks into a concert, hears beautiful music, hears about God and goes away with hope and new information. He sees a lifestyle he never new existed, people loving God but free from religion and tradition. Free from drugs and sexual perversion. He was not told what to do or asked for money. He was blessed and enlightened.


Where are the real Christians? Where is Jesus? Everybody has heard of Jesus, everybody talks about Jesus, some people even claim to know Him. Where are the people that really accept people as they are? Man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart. The Door is challenging this culture by tearing down walls, sacred cows and mindsets of separation. The Door is a place where you can find people talking about God, people who don’t care about God and people who think they are God, all relating, having fun and making music, together. Most Christians in our culture believe they should not be friends with sinners. Most non-Christians don’t want to be around Christians because they are judgmental, rules oriented or just boring. The truth is, Jesus is a friend of sinners. No one is any holier thananyone else. Now is the time for Christians to relate to the world as servants and non-Christians to quit making excuses and deal with the truth

.We were made for community. Children need community. God loves community. You hunger for community.

We are a vicarious society. We live out our lives through football players or rock stars because it’s easier when no one can challenge us, we don’t have to be vulnerable and who likes accountability? We always have our virtual friends to go back to. The departmentalization of our society has castrated community and made it possible for the elitists to sway public opinion by isolating people into a life of staring into a box (TV, Computer). The pastor, you know, the guy in the front of the church with the robe on, he doesn’t know his sheep and they don’t know him. The rock star backstage with all the money, all the girls and all the hit songs he stole from some unknown artist, you don’t know him either, and he doesn’t care about you. When people stop looking to idols to be their heroes and have the guts to look to God and to open up to others, they will see the light and find that they are significant too. Life has meaning when we know who we are and we fulfill our destiny.

When people come to know Christ, they desire and need fellowship, teaching and to fit into a family of like-minded believers. We are passionate about seeing a community of creative believers come together for worship and friendship. As we join time, treasure and talents, we will win this modern society to the true Creator through being a real family of accepting, creative and productive people.

All believers have dreams, yet we get caught up in the “rat race” trying to catch up on bills or get ahead. With united purpose and a heart to prefer our brothers and sisters, to care more about “their” dreams coming true than ours, we will see miracles of accomplishment. No longer will unbelievers or ignorant/arrogant people be the influencers of culture thru television, social media, movies and literature.




the kingdom – the place of righteousness, peace and joy

it is in you – it’s not here or there or a building or heaven


rules did not work in the garden

Moses broke the tablets and so did youthe perfect law of liberty is love


you are not a clone lost in the systemare you a flower or a lion, a songbird or a brain

find out who you are


reconciled people-living stones

eternal union of flesh and bone

The Spirit walking then and the

Spirit talking now will show you how