Russell David Hobbs has “been there and done that”. With a clear vision, Hobbs is passionate about experiencing a personal relationship with the Creator and being a vessel of Truth. To somehow influence the world to see that the historic figure that wore sandals and a seamless robe 2000 years ago, the carpenter called Jesus, really is the Artist who created the entire universe. In an era when everyone is a “Christian” and public opinion is swayed by whoever can put on the best show, the truth is not popular. Russell Hobbs is passionate about dispelling belief systems rooted in tradition instead of truth. As a man of revelation his lifestyle is counter-cultural.


At this present time in the western world, we find ourselves in a society whose values and beliefs are formed by Artists. Historically, values and beliefs have been influenced by parents, teachers and pastors. In this technological era, celebrities, rock bands and television personalities are more influential. The breakdown in the traditional family structure, coupled with technology which invades our lives and allows us to witness infinite possibilities as voyeurs, has created a society in which public opinion and values are directly influenced by subtle script writers, the philosophies of movie stars and the lyrics of rock stars.

Therefore we feel called by God to influence society using the appropriate medium, be it art, music, concerts, theater or film. It is necessary to convince the people of the truth of Christ, the original artist Creator using all of our time, treasure and talents for His Glory.

Our challenge as Christian Artists is to present the truth in love and allow only Christ to be the stumbling block, not our hypocrisy or ineffective irrelevant use of obsolete means to present our message.

We will accomplish this as a community of Artists demonstrating the Love of God and the Truth of Christ by presenting a lifestyle that is attractive as well as producing art of various mediums which exceed the alternatives in quality and passion.

Like gold tried in the Crucible, our lives must be purged on the altar. Through the heat of inspiration, tests of commitment and death to all vain glory we become pure vessels. Then we will demonstrate the truth of Christ to this skeptical society caught between a separatist church and the greedy world.

Throughout history God has raised up missionaries to go to the lost, benevolence teams to reach the poor and worship centers to assemble and edify the body of Christ. Now, a new “missionary” has been raised up for this time. This is the time for Artists to join in an orchestrated effort to reach the minds of western society in the realm of music, film, television and all forms of expression.This vision is not exclusive. Crucible Artists allow the winds of The Creator to present His heart through their gifting, in the same way that many artists throughout the world are doing today. This vision is for everyman, and could possibly be the word that you have been waiting to hear. The language of God reaches far deeper than the confines of conventional evangelism, and it has been freely and uniquely distributed to anyone that would be one with Christ. Now is the time to speak it.

(I Peter 1:7) That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ