The Force is With Them

Article on Moss Eisley (now known as Eisley)

by Zac Crain

    Pretty soon, the blossoming band took its hard work to other clubs, including The Door in Deep Ellum. Boyd and Kim had built a relationship with The Door, booking some of the acts that played there into Brew- Tones, sending some of the groups from Tyler west to Dallas. They still weren’t used to being a band, but they were trying.

   “When they first played here as The Towheads” says Russell Hobbs, owner of The Door, “they were doing a sound check. and the little cutest one, Stacy, was up there, and she was like, ‘Can I get a little more monitor in my monitor?’ They didn’t quite have the terminology down yet. And that was just so cute. I’ll never forget that.”

   “I think their lyric content is accessible to everybody and fairly mature, and it’s really beautiful,” Hobbs says. “And I don’t think they’ve at all limited themselves speaking Christian-ese or anything. They’re a great Christian family, but I wouldn’t call them a Christian band. Since they had so many friends and they were part of the Christian scene, you know, with their own club in Tyler, I think the natural first step was to go play all the Christian places. And I think that they won the Christian crowd over.”